Christina Moss |VIP Volunteer | February ’20

February 24, 2020VIP Volunteer

Meet Christina! Part of our Work Study program, Christina works at the Front Desk greeting students and families, assisting teachers, as well as other helpful tasks. We are so grateful for the time you give to this organization! Where are you from? I grew up in Canada—in New Brunswick and Quebec City. My husband and … Read More

Time is Our Most Precious Resource

October 18, 2019News, VIP Volunteer

On August 23rd we gathered to honor our volunteers and donors. The following is a message to our volunteers from Cathedral Park Arts Co-Founder and Board Director, Joseph Cirillo. TO OUR DEAREST VOLUNTEERS: Time, it slips away from us so easily during a lazy summer day. It magically vanishes after putting in all of those … Read More

Zapoura Newton-Calvert | VIP Volunteer | June ’17

June 1, 2017VIP Volunteer

ZAPOURA NEWTON-CALVERT, FRONT DESK | MUSICAL THEATRE PARENT If you’ve been at the studio on a Thursday afternoon, you may have been greeted at the front desk by our newest volunteer, Zapoura. While Zapoura is new to volunteering at CPPAC, she is quite familiar with the world of music and theatre. I interviewed Zapoura during one … Read More

Monica McAllister | VIP Volunteer | May ’17

May 3, 2017VIP Volunteer

MONICA MCALLISTER, FRONT DESK | ST. JOHNS WOMEN’S CHOIR  If you’ve been in the studio recently, you may have noticed a new face at our front desk Monday evenings. Meet Monica McAllister! Monica sings with the women’s choir and has volunteered with us at special events in the past. Read on to learn a little … Read More

Carol Veach | VIP Volunteer | March ’17

March 8, 2017VIP Volunteer

CAROL VEACH, FRONT DESK | ST. JOHNS WOMEN’S CHOIR, VOCAL WORKSHOP Q: What brought you to music? A: Being born. Well, when I was a baby in a crib I was singing. My mother once told me, “Your brother can’t go to sleep. You have to stop singing.” My dad was a singer, a tenor, classically trained. … Read More

Deanna Cantrell | VIP Volunteer | Feb ’17

February 21, 2017VIP Volunteer

DEANNA CANTRELL, PHOTOGRAPHER, FRONT DESK | ST. JOHNS WOMEN’S CHOIR Deanna has been part of our organization from its very earliest stages. A good friend and a beloved photographer, you’ll meet Deanna at nearly every one of our events, from showcases and concerts to our summer musical theatre workshops. You may also recognize Deanna from … Read More