If you’ve been in the studio recently, you may have noticed a new face at our front desk Monday evenings. Meet Monica McAllister! Monica sings with the women’s choir and has volunteered with us at special events in the past. Read on to learn a little more about her, and, if you see her at the studio, stop over and say ‘hello!’

Q: What brought you to music?

A: My friend Ashley used to play piano in elementary school and I wanted to learn as well. I started taking lessons and then progressed to playing violin from middle school until now.  I like playing guitar for fun and being part of a group/community for singing.

Q: What’s something we should know about you?

A: I like to salsa dance and do photography. I speak Spanish conversationally.

 Q: What brought you to the Northwest/Portland?

A: I came to Portland to attend University of Portland for Biology/Pre-med/Pre-vet Program. 

Q: What do you do for a career?

A: I am in charge of/ the coordinator of the non-profit Friends of Nadaka/ Nadaka Nature Park. I oversee volunteers, restoration of 10 acres of forest, work on education plots in the community garden, admin. work, community events and festivals, and teach environmental education. I also translate various forms, flyers and outreach materials into Spanish.

Q: What do you enjoy doing now when you’re not making music?

A: Doing photography, salsa dancing, reading a book, hiking, and playing board games with friends.

Q: What is one thing you like about volunteering here at the front desk?

A: I love meeting new people and talking about what their kids are doing at CPPAC and Aspire Project.

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