Debra Samuel | Early Childhood | February ’20

February 24, 2020Teacher Feature

Meet Debra! Sylvia Allen (a member of the Women’s Choir) sat down with Debra to learn a little bit more about her life and passion for teaching. What do you teach at CPPAC? Early childhood classes. I teach Sing Make Move, and I teach Tadpoles at Swap N Play. I will be teaching Magical Me, … Read More

Roberta Gannett | Teacher Feature | June ’17

June 1, 2017Teacher Feature

ROBERTA GANNET, INSTRUCTOR | STRINGS Meet Roberta Gannett, strings instructor at Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective (CPPAC). Roberta has been leading the Beginner Strings Ensemble since the organization’s very first year, and she will be leading an all-new weeklong workshop at CPPAC this summer 2017, titled: “Summer Sings & Strings.” Read on to learn more about … Read More

Cristina Marino | Teacher Feature | May ’17

May 3, 2017Teacher Feature

CRISTINA MARINO, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | MUSICAL THEATRE & SING! ST. JOHNS CHILDREN’S CHOIR   Meet a woman who wears many hats at our organization: Cristina Marino! Not only is Ms. Marino our Executive Director, she also teaches Musical Theatre and directs SING! St. Johns Children’s Choir AND is a student in the CPPAC Marimba Band. See what she … Read More

Randy Pugh | Teacher Feature | March ’17

March 8, 2017Teacher Feature

  RANDY PUGH, ACTING & IMPROV TEACHER Q: Do you have any pets? If so, what and who are they? A: I grew up with lots of dogs and cats. My favorite was a golden retriever who would dive underwater and bring rocks up on the shore. My mother named her “Muffy.” Q: What is your … Read More

Wes Price | Teacher Feature | Feb ’17

February 21, 2017Teacher Feature

  WES PRICE, GUITAR & UKULELE TEACHER Q: Do you have a pet flying zebra? A: I wish! It would certainly make my daily commutes more enjoyable. Q: What is your favorite song title or singer? A: I love creative song titles! There’s an instrumental band called Explosions in the Sky that always has these … Read More