On August 23rd we gathered to honor our volunteers and donors. The following is a message to our volunteers from Cathedral Park Arts Co-Founder and Board Director, Joseph Cirillo.


Time, it slips away from us so easily during a lazy summer day.

It magically vanishes after putting in all of those extra hours at work. 

It’s even said to fly during those special moments we want to last forever. 

It can also render us frozen when we feel it’s running out too quickly.  

Time, it’s our most precious resource.  

When we give others our time, we are showing them that we care.  We are showing them an expression of our love. 

Volunteers give their time willingly. This most rare of commodities, this gift, for nothing but the satisfaction of supporting those who need a helping hand.  A kind gesture. The act of volunteering their time demonstrates for all of us the best of humankind. No ulterior motives. No hidden agendas.  

This celebration is our way to put our gratitude into action. We hope it makes you feel very special.  You are. Sometimes, our volunteers shoo away the thank yous – it’s nothing, no problem, my pleasure, but we are compelled to make every effort to tell you that it is something.  It is a very big something. In fact, CPPAC would not be where we are today without you, starting our 5th year of service to the St. Johns community. Our volunteers make our events happen, they ease the burden of our directors, they support our teachers to create rich learning opportunities, they serve as the face of the organization.  They have made the dream of a collective…reality.   

I will finish with this.  I take issue with the way the word hero is thrown around these days.  Everyone that appears on t.v. and YouTube is a hero.  There are the professional athletes, heroes of countless games or matches.  Then, there are movie stars who are not simply heroes, but sometimes even play superheroes on the screen.  

When we take a moment to think about our life and the community we live in, you are the heroes.  For volunteering your most precious resource, your time.   

Joseph Cirillo | August 23, 2019

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