We’re moving our studio into YOUR home! Don’t worry, it’s temporary. 

~Classes start Monday, April 20~

In the meantime, our teachers are cooking up a video series that will nourish your creativity and whet your artistic appetite.

For the latest videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel and add our #AtHomeArtsCollective playlist to your library.

Bon appétit!


Ever wonder what words looks like written out as rhythm? Teacher Larissa takes us through rhythms for a few words and phrases we might be hearing a lot these days.

Larissa Hawk teaches Music Theory and Vocal Workshop at Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective, and is a leader in our Intergenerational Program at Harvest Homes in Portland, Oregon. Sign up for her classes on our website!

Spring Term online classes begin April 20.

Facebook: @cathedralparkarts
Instagram: @cathedralparkarts


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