A Community-Funded Program

CPPAC’s Intergenerational Program is unlike any of our other programs. Whereas our studio classes and ensembles are primarily funded by tuition, our Intergenerational Program is funded 100% by contributions from community partners and individual donors. This allows us to offer music and theatre to participants for FREE. Donate today and help us continue to connect generations through music and theatre for years to come.

Donate Today

CLICK HERE to make a one-time donation or subscribe today to become a monthly donor – even $5 each month can go a long way! You can also mail a check donation to: CPPAC, P.O. Box 31094, Portland, OR 97231.

What is the Intergenerational Program?

At Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective, we believe in lifelong learning and the power of intergenerational engagement. Our intergenerational program brings people of all ages together to engage in music and theatre in meaningful ways, and to learn from one another. Intergenerational program offerings currently include Homemade Jam: Intergenerational Music Jam Sessions at Harvest Homes, Lift Your Voice! Choir at Assumption Village, and Our Voice, Our Stories: Music & Drama at Bridge Meadows.

Join us, won’t you?

Our Intergenerational Program includes two weekly groups that are open to the public. Choose from Homemade Jam Sessions at Harvest Homes or Lift Your Voice! Choir at Assumption Village. Click the buttons below to learn more.

Would you like an intergenerational music or theatre program at your site?

Contact Executive Director, Cristina Marino: cristina@cathedralparkarts.org