Arts for All Ages:
Deepening Intergenerational Roots


Dearest Community:

As we come to the end of 2020, we want to express our appreciation for St. Johns. It is our home. We see its beauty and its possibilities. Most of all, we are lucky to live beside gracious neighbors like you!

We would be remiss not to acknowledge that this year has been extremely challenging, in countless ways. It has been harder for some than others. We see it, hear it, and feel it acutely every day. There is really no sugar coating the current reality.

With that sober acknowledgement, we are also compelled to tell you that we maintain hope and optimism for our North Portland community. We know the work of committed individuals and groups has the largest impact on a community’s quality of life and ability to thrive. At Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective, we have built our foundation on this idea of the collective.

Since March, the performing arts have taken a devastating hit. With physical distancing, we have not been able to gather for a live show in far too long. Now we know how it feels to live without the beauty and power of live performance. The arts serve as both healer and sage. Performances bind communities and build bridges between our most pernicious divides. They lead us to an understanding of ourselves and those around us, and give us an avenue to seek truth in ways that captivate and move us. In essence, the arts allow us to show our humanity.

Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective is determined to keep moving forward and contribute to the broader movement of keeping the arts alive. And we are asking for your support. Since 2015, we have worked hard to make St. Johns a place where the performing arts live, giving people of all ages an opportunity to express their inner most thoughts and feelings. Through our Intergenerational Program, we have placed a spotlight on the eldest members of the community. They should not be without the benefits of the performing arts. In the residents at Harvest Homes and Assumption Village, we see a reflection of ourselves. Bring them comfort and your hand in love.

Help us support these important members of our North Portland community by donating to Arts for All Ages. Throughout the month of December, all donations received will go to our Intergenerational Program, which brings the joy of music and human connection to the residents of these retirement communities every week. Our goal is to raise $7,500 by December 31 to fund this vital program for 2021. Donations can be made through our Facebook campaign, our Donation page, or by check and sent to: P.O. Box 31094 Portland, OR 97231.

Yours in Gratitude,

Cristina Marino

Executive Director / Co-founder


Joseph Cirillo

Board Treasurer, Interim Co-Secretary / Co-founder


Tiso Panapa

Board Interim Co-Secretary


Noelle Guest

Board Director

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