We’re moving our studio into YOUR home! Don’t worry, it’s temporary. 

~Classes start Monday, April 20~

In the meantime, our teachers are cooking up a video series that will nourish your creativity and whet your artistic appetite.

For the latest videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel and add our #AtHomeArtsCollective playlist to your library.

Bon appétit!


Okay, so you’re social isolating, but maybe you’re not alone at home, and MAYBE you have a willing, nay, enthusiastic scene partner isolating with you. Great! Let Teacher Tony introduce you both to a simple exercise to practice “yes, and-ing.” Still hungry? The Alphabet Game (one of our favs!) is sure to satiate your improvisatory appetite.

BONUS CHALLENGE: Try incorporating these exercises into your daily life and communication with your family, friends, or housemates. What do you notice? Did THEY notice? We want to know. Send us a message or comment below.

Tony Cohen teaches Acting Skills and Improv for Life at Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective. Outside of class (and times of physical distancing), Tony performs at Kickstand Comedy and Brody Theater.

Spring Term online classes begin April 20.

Facebook: @cathedralparkarts
Instagram: @cathedralparkarts


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