We’re moving our studio into YOUR home! Don’t worry, it’s temporary. 

~Classes start Monday, April 20~

In the meantime, our teachers are cooking up a video series that will nourish your creativity and whet your artistic appetite.

For the latest videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel and add our #AtHomeArtsCollective playlist to your library.

Bon appétit!


Take a few minutes to find healing and comfort through breath with this centering exercise led by Audrey Voon. Use this exercise during your morning routine, afternoon break, or in the evening as you wind down. Great for all ages, so gather your family, housemates, cats, dogs, bunnies, birds, and just . . . breathe.

Audrey Voon is Co-Founder and Artistic Director at Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective. She directs the St. Johns Women’s Choir, a group of welcoming women who learn, grow, and heal through joyful song. Now welcoming inquiries for the 2020-2021 choral season. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the choir, contact Audrey at: audrey@cathedralparkarts.org.

All other Spring Term online classes begin April 20.

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