Dear CPPAC Family:

As we move through our 5th season, we find ourselves reflecting on the love this community has shown us from the start, through its support, its encouragement, and all your beautiful voices raised in song. We are rooted here. And you are the soil that makes this work rich. We love this community and we love our work. 

Not only have you helped us bring the performing arts to St. Johns, but you’ve helped us learn to run a nonprofit organization, as well. Many of you offer your time, expertise, and resources to us, helping strengthen our skills and build up this thriving organization. But running a nonprofit is not always glamorous. There is a lot of day-to-day rigmarole, administrative pressures, and things out of our control. We are renters, for example. We do not own our space, but rent from The Aspire Project, who, in turn, rents from a third party. The support offered to us by The Aspire Project over the last five years has made it possible for us to exist and grow. We are eternally grateful for this partnership. Sadly, The Aspire Project has made the difficult decision to close at the end of this school year, so the beautiful space they share with us will no longer be available to us.

So, Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective is moving. We are not leaving North Portland. We are not leaving you. And we are not interrupting services. We are simply looking for a new space. 

We see several advantages to this eventual move. First, the opportunity for growth feels real. We can now explore expanded programming and class times, and hopefully increase performance opportunities, as well. Second, we will take this opportunity to refocus our community outreach plan, further educating North Portland about our organization’s identity and mission. Doing these things could eventually increase our reach and impact in this community, extending us into more homes and more lives.

Five years old. We are so proud. And we have so much more to do. And with your support and faith, we will move into our next phase of life with renewed vigor and direction. This is just the beginning of our conversation with you. You’ll be hearing from us regularly, as the story unfolds and details are known. We invite you to phone or email us for further conversation at any time. 

It’s an exciting time, full of possibilities.  Join us as we embrace our future.

Your CPPAC Directors,

Cristina Marino & Audrey Voon

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