At Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective, we believe in the importance of music and theatre education for everyone, free of financial barriers. We offer partial scholarships for those who qualify, based on income. To qualify for tuition discount, provide proof of income or a letter of eligibility from the school district annually upon initial registration.

CPPAC uses the Oregon Department of Education’s Income Eligibility Guidelines to determine scholarships. Households that qualify for free meals receive 50% scholarship, and households that qualify for reduced meals receive 25% scholarship applied toward tuition for all members of your household, regardless of enrollment status.

Please use our scholarship codes at check-out if you or your child qualify for our FREE LUNCH or REDUCED LUNCH rates:

FREE LUCH code: freelunch
REDUCED LUNCH code: reducedlunch

We offer additional scholarships on a case-by-case basis upon request to those for whom our lowest tuition rates would pose a financial burden. To apply for additional scholarship, contact us at