Students who wish to participate in both ACT 1 (July 27-31) and ACT 2 (August 3-7) of the production should register for both weeks of the Summer Musical Theatre Workshop.

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

July 27-31

Students in this one-week workshop will journey through the first half of our story, based on the musical, YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN.

August 3-7

Students in this one-week workshop will journey through the second half of our story, based on the musical, YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN.

Our Musical Theatre Workshop was born out of the idea that children benefit from a safe place to express their inner-most feelings and learn about themselves in a healthy and fun manner.  With the demands of school and the contemporary lure of media and technology, our workshop provides a pause, a break from the quick pace for an immersion into the culture of camaraderie and acceptance.  This acceptance extends from self-acceptance to the acceptance of others. Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective believes that promoting understanding and compassion through the act of collaboration builds a stronger and more resilient child. This prepares them to take on the inevitable challenges that come with “growing up”.

Our two-week workshop takes participants through the process of preparing for a performance, from the first day to the final curtain-call. It involves plenty of singing, dancing, and acting, while focusing on the growth of each individual. The second week builds on the first, and our format allows students to participate for one week only, if desired.

At the beginning of each week, we set individual and group goals and are heavy on team-building activities as we know the importance of growing together as a team. Participants learn a strong vocal warmup routine and engage in activities focused on character development, enhancing stage presence, speech articulation, dance combinations, and building courage to step on stage and perform. We start working on whole group ensemble selections from the start.

Right away, we begin discussing potential roles for each student and make decisions based on their thoughts and comfort level, in addition to staff insight. This assures us that each student’s needs are being met and leads us into our scene work. We string the individual scenes into Act I (or Act II). Team building activities and theatre games are ongoing as they are vital for sustaining a balanced program.

Our workshop maintains a similar framework while progressing through a complete show over two weeks. Each week culminates in a demonstration performance; the first week being Act I and the second, Act II. In Act II, participants can expect a reprise, or favorite, from Act I, plus new music relevant to the continuing plot. We have found that this format is accessible to students who can only participate for one week and builds quite a bit of anticipation and excitement for those who participate both weeks.

Thursday & Friday dress rehearsal and performance are now held in the Mago Hunt Performing Arts Center at the University of Portland.  This partnership has allowed us to provide a more professional setting for our performers.  We invite the community as well as family members to attend the final performance and acknowledge the week of hard work of our young players!

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