Wednesdays from 9:15AM-10:15AM | All Ages | Led by Lisa Peterson

Join residents and staff at Harvest Homes Retirement and Assisted Living Home and students from Magnolia Blossom Preschool for this weekly music jam session, led by Lisa Peterson: 6921 N Roberts Ave, Portland, Oregon 97203. Please note that seasonal dates may vary. We recommend checking our website calendar or Facebook page for upcoming sessions.

*Open to the community
*FREE for all ages!


As part of CPPAC’s Intergenerational Program, this group is intended for musicians and music-lovers of ALL AGES and ALL SKILL LEVELS. We’ll play everything from ol’ standards and favorite folk tunes to well-known pop hits from decades past and present. Emphasis will be placed on listening and creating music as a group, complimenting, harmonizing, and soloing with a large group. Members of this group will also have the experience of sharing their music in our end-of-term community celebration on-site at Harvest Homes.


The Intergenerational Program is committed to fostering compassion and service to others by connecting people of all ages through music. In 2017, the program took shape in the form of the St. Johns Intergenerational Music Project. It included weekly sessions at three partnering organizations in St. Johns: Harvest Homes (Homemade Jam intergenerational music jam sessions), Bridge Meadows (Music at Meadows intergenerational music group), and Assumption Village (Lift Your Voice! intergenerational choir). In 2018, CPPAC continues to partner with these three organizations to bring intergenerational arts groups to community members.

The 2017 St. Johns Intergenerational Music Project was made possible by generous donations from friends of Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective and by a grant from North Portland Neighborhood Services.

CPPAC Donate nowHomemade Jam is looking for sponsors, supporters of lifelong engagement in the performing arts, who would like to make ongoing or one-time contributions to our program. Every little bit helps, and we are so grateful to our giving community!